We have installed our own Dspace on the Venice Server.
The ultimate goal is to organize the Venice IQPs by end of May.

The bottom-line list

  • Ask Saul about sending email from Dspace
    • DSpace is now sending e-mails through the SMTP server
  • Talk to Hamlet about up-to-date Access database
  • Make home page "nice"
  • Provide help/instruction/process steps for others
  • Learn about:
    • Handles
    • OAI and PMH
    • Workflow
    • API's
    • Import/Export
    • Best practices (layout/structure/organization, registration/permission)
  • Get all the Venice IQPs into Dspace

Things to do/figure out

  • Work on CSS to change Home page
  • Understand "handles"
  • Undestand OAI-PMH. Can it be used to backup/export our repository? Can it also be used to suck out data for our new web CMS?
  • Find "best practices" to organize our stuff (communities, collections, sub-collections and items/sub-items).
  • Check the "workflow" thingy to see if we can create a "process"
  • Finalize IQP metadata (pattern it to the Access Database) - coordinate with HAMLET for most up-to-date
  • Can Access databases be IMPORTED into a Dspace metadata set? If so, we could import the whole IQP database in one shot
  • How flexible is DSpace in terms batch modifying records (or even better - selections of records)?
  • Can we use API's or something?
  • Make Reports, Presentations and Datasets independent yet connected somehow (probably through the handle?)
  • Sub-types of Datasets could be: Maps, Databases, Spreadsheets
  • How can we handle images (one by one or in zipped files)?
  • How are handles assigned? This is an important aspect…
  • See more lists below

Dspace Help:

  • Add a "Procedures" help page for our own use
    • How do we change the LOOK/LAYOUT of our Dspace
    • How do we manage metadata (add fields, attributes, parameters)
    • How to register users/give permissions
    • Upload process instructions for students/contributors

Strategic Questions

  • Can we have a collection that is completely open to random contributors? Venice Open Data? Community?
  • Organization of datasets? Categories like: report, presentation, datasets (further subdivided into: maps, databases, spreadsheets…)
  • How do we MAP the folders listed in the CD Handout into Dspace dataset categories?Individuals vs. groups permissions?
  • What are the permissions available?
  • Permission/registration expiration?
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